Our goal was to breathe new life into this home, infusing it with elegance, simplicity, and a refreshing sense of openness.

From the outset, we knew that light painted cabinetry and soft matte, lightly veined porcelain countertops and walls would set the tone for the Kitchen and Ensuite designs. These elements not only create a serene atmosphere but also contribute to the illusion of larger, more inviting spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the home's traditional architectural details, we reimagined them with a modern twist. The incorporation of shaker cabinets, coffered ceilings, and subtle moulding details serves as a nod to the home's heritage while seamlessly integrating contemporary design elements.

One of the most exciting aspects of this project was the opportunity to enhance the kitchen's connection to its surroundings. By replacing the windows at the sink with a large picture window dropped to counter level, we not only flooded the space with natural light but also captured stunning water views that were previously hidden.

Functionality was paramount in our design approach. We maximized storage by repurposing the original hallway/closet into an extension of the kitchen, providing ample pantry space. Additionally, we replaced outdated features with more practical solutions, such as a wine fridge and an entry closet finished to match the kitchen.

The transformation extended to the Powder Room, where a dramatic palette of black and gold creates an opulent retreat. Bold contrasts and refined finishes elevate the space, offering indulgence and style. This juxtaposition of light and dark, tradition and modernity, lends a dynamic richness to the overall design narrative.

Our attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the renovation, and the aesthetic inspired by the Kitchen and Ensuite extends into all areas of the home. The results are spaces that exude sophistication and craftsmanship, with a perfect balance of modern flair and timeless charm.

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